Featuring 7 Colts, 5 Things to Watch for at Pro Bowl

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Via Pat McAfee’s Twitter- His tweet, “Mr Hilton’s enjoying his 1st Pro Bowl.. Bucket hat pimping of course” #PatsProBowlPracticeTweets

Number 5: The BoomStick and His “Strawbery Margs”

As the NFL’s best punter, Pat McAfee (i.e. “The Boomstick”) has been no stranger to wit, humor, and of course, those offseason “strawberry margs” per his Twitter account:

While NFL fans probably don’t want to see many punts in what is the NFL’s version of an all-star game, it would be nice to see McAfee boom a punt into orbit and watch Team Irvin’s return specialist Darren Sproles have to retreat to return it. In what figures to be a high scoring contest, McAfee may get to sip on some sideline “strawberry margs” after all.