Ryan Grigson Press Conference: Things are Changing. We’re evolving.


In today’s noon press conference, Indianapolis Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson made it clear that his team’s goal was to win a championship, and they fell just short of their goal this season:

"“We fell short. We gave it our best shot this year, but at the same time, I feel like our bottomline the last 3 years has shown consistent growth,” Grigson said. “I think we’ve grown as a team, and I’m proud of that. Our coach is proud of that. Our owner is proud of that. Are we where we need to be? No. We definitely have areas of improvement that we need to address to be able to compete with those elite teams in January. And you know, I think that’s evident. Jim [Irsay] has charged me with seeing that process through.”"

Grigson later added, “It’s about getting to the Super Bowl and winning it. Because boy, I’ve been to 3 and won 1. Getting there and losing is like boy, it’s almost like…it’s not good. You’ve got to get there and win it. Find a way to win it.” Grigson later noted that his team’s recent AFC Championship loss to the Patriots would serve as “somewhat of a blueprint” as far as re-constructing and improving the team for next season, saying that he would model the team to better play New England.

He added, “To be the Champ. You have to beat the Champ. I think the Bulls, you know the Bulls were like that at one point in time with, you know before they started their run. I don’t know was it the Celtics? No, it was the Pistons ‘Bad Boys’.”

Other notable blurbs from Grigson’s press conference:

  • “Deflation issue is in league’s hands. Can’t speak on it. That’s where I’m at.”
  • “It’s not just about myself…We’re all accountable. We have to do a better job collectively to take that next step…”
  • “I think it comes down to a belief, a confidence level, and an expectation level to win. We’re still a young team…”
  • “Things are changing. We’re evolving. So we have to find the best players in the draft and free agency that fit where we need to go.”
  • Grigson said that Trent Richardson was in fact suspended for 2 games, but “can’t comment on it because of personal issues”
  • Regarding free agents, “The Indianapolis Colts are an easy sell job these days. That’s the allure of it..”
  • Had high praise for rookie offensive lineman, Jack Mewhort, noting, “Didn’t have deer in headlights look and when he hit the wall, he got through it.” Later adding, “He’s going to play in this league a long time.”
  • On free agent Pro Bowler Mike Adams, “Haven’t had year end meeting, but heck, Mike Adams just defies everything. You love that he’s a fighter. You love that he gets to play in this Pro Bowl…He’s kind of that poster child for the underdog…Even when we were sometime having some of our roughest days, he was one of the bright spots.”
  • “We want to have Andrew [Luck] here for a long, long time. But right now, that’s not priority number one,” regarding Luck’s possible contract extension.
  • On Bjoern Werner inactive for the AFC Championship game, “Playing through some things…He had slowed down…Had 2 cornerbacks that hadn’t practiced all week.”
  • “Not having #98 [Robert Mathis] was a big hole, but we don’t make excuses…A lot of teams win without key players. The “Next Man Up” is for real.”
  • Regarding Rob Chudzinski‘s coaching contract expiring next week, “Won’t get into specifics regarding Chud. But try to keep good people in this building.”

Grigson concluded by noting that the offensive line was a strong emphasis this offseason. He said there were 2 ways to be great on the offensive line: 1) Teams that spend a 1st round pick on everybody 2) Teams historically with a mixed bag from every corner.

It sounded like it was his hope to build an offensive line through the draft (although not necessarily 1st round picks), where you have a “greater familiarity” with “homegrown” players. Rather than through free agency, where you “don’t know the player as well”, and there’s potential greater risk. Specifically Grigson noted, that he’s trying to find “More Mewhorts”.

Aug 28, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Indianapolis Colts offensive tackle Jack Mewhort (75) against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports