Colts at Cowboys: Behind Enemy Lines


The Indianapolis Colts are set to take on the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday. The Colts are 10-4 with a playoff spot already locked up, but seeding yet to be determined. The Cowboys are also 10-4 are trying to stay ahead of the Eagles in the playoff race.

We spoke with Steven Mullenax, editor of The Landry Hat, to get some intel on this week’s opponent.

1. What will the Cowboys offense look like if DeMarco Murray doesn’t play this week? Do they have enough fire power to overwhelm the Colts without his versatility?

I’d expect their offense to look exactly the same. Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle will take advantage of their dominant offensive line and produce similar numbers. Offensively, the gameplan and the firepower remain the same.

2. Dez Bryant has dominated this season but faces one of the best corners in the league in Vontae Davis. Who do you think wins that matchup and with Murray’s status in question, does that put more pressure on Bryant?

Bryant puts more pressure on himself than anyone, so missing Murray shouldn’t impact his game. As for Davis, both players are extremely physical. But in the modern NFL (penalties), I think that favors the wide receiver more than the cornerbacks.

3. Give us a player that Colts fans don’t know about who will make an impact on Sunday.

As I suspect the Colts’ will go to the air a ton on Sunday, rookie cornerback Tyler Patmon could have an impact on this game. The undrafted corner was impressive in the offseason and had a interception return for a touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals in Week Nine.

4. What needs to happen in order for the Cowboys to come away with a win? Is there an x-factor on each side of the ball for Dallas?

Dallas needs to limit the exposure of their weak defense by running the ball successfully and converting on third downs. The x-factor offensively is obviously their running game. Defensively, it’s getting pressure on quarterback Andrew Luck.

5. What is your prediction for Sunday? Who wins and why?

I’ve learn not to count out these Cowboys in the past, but the Colts are a tough matchup. And Dallas tends not to play well at home, for some odd reason.

Still, I like the momentum the Boys’ have carried over in the past two games and I believe the Colts are a bit overrated mainly due to their lack of divisional competition. I’m calling it a slim Cowboys’ victory.