Colts vs Texans: Behind Enemy Lines


The Indianapolis Colts host division rival the Houston Texans tomorrow. A win, and the Colts lockup a playoff berth and AFC South title while a loss keeps the Texans playoff dreams alive.

We spoke with Graham Rogers, editor of Toro Timesto get some inside information on this weeks opponent.

Make sure to check out our answers to their questions. 

1. How can the Colts stop J.J. Watt? He wreaked havoc in the first meeting and is having what some consider an MVP season. Do you believe he is that important to the Texans? Could they have seven wins without him?

The key to stopping Watt I to double and triple team him. You leave him one on one and he’s going to destroy you. Even double teams and triple teams have failed. The problem is, you do that and the rest of the Texans front seven have been getting creative in making teams pay the price.

Is he important to the Texans? Watt is the face of the Texans, heck the NFL needs players like Watt.

Amazingly driven on the field, and a great ambassador for the game off the field. He’s embraced the City of Houston and the fans love him. He is that important to the Texans, and no we’d be down at least 4 games without him. I think, in the aspect of all around best player, Watt deserves the MVP.

2. DeAndre Hopkins is developing into a great receiver this season, but with Andre Johnson possibly out Sunday, can he shoulder the full load? And can he beat Vontae Davis, who is having an All-Pro season.

In a word, yes. Hopkins has really matured this season, his tutelage under the great Andre Johnson shows in all aspects of his play. I’m more worried about Fitzpatrick’s passing then I am Hopkins catching or route running skills. He can handle Davis, it will be a good matchup for both.

3. What can we expect from Ryan Fitzpatrick on Sunday? He’s played well this season, but hasn’t set the league on fire. Should the Texans have taken a quarterback with the first pick in the draft now that Jadeveon Clowney‘s future is in doubt?

Fitzmagic or Fitztragic? Look I’m not a fan of the guy. He’s got heart, he’s smart he will give you his all. But one game, like the Titans game a few weeks back he torched them for six TD passes. Against the Jaguars a week later we couldn’t convert a third down in the first half.

Ahh Clowney. Hindsight is not wisdom, so I can’t fault the team for picking Clowney at the time.. In retrospect Khalil Mack or Teddy Bridgewater would have been the better choice, but alas we went with the “big, fast, safe” best and lost big time. I personally think his career I done.

Oh he might come back and play for a season or two, but the injury will take away his biggest asset, burst of speed. Without it, he’s just an above average lineman. Feel for the guy, I do and it certainly was bad for the Texans however blowing out your knee is part of football you just got to move on.

4. Who needs to step up for the Texans to leave Indy with a win on both sides of the ball? Is there an x-factor for the Texans?

Fitzpatrick. He cannot let the Colts offense on the field as often as opponents have against he Texans. We have seen a lot of 3 and out’s, it starts with the Quarterback.

The X-Factor would be our non-existent Tight Ends, with Garrett Graham out, Griffin and Fiedorowicz have 6 catches between them for the entire season. No one cares about them. They could be a nasty surprise if O’Brien would just use them.

5. What is your prediction for Sunday’s game? Who wins and why.

Colts win, wrap up the season. Really I hate typing this, but that’s just being honest. Our offense has not been consistent enough and the mental pressure of “we’ve never won here” will give the Colts all they need to move on. I do hope the Texans prove me wrong, I’d love to eat that crow.