Reggie Wayne Set to Break Colts Record


Fourteen seasons. 1,061 receptions racking up 14,207 yards and 82 touchdowns. Reggie Wayne‘s prodigious career with the Indianapolis Colts hardly needs to be broken down.

He’s been one of the most consistent wide receivers in the NFL for over a decade. If all things were equal, he would be a lock for the Hall of Fame. His career yardage has him eighth all-time and his receptions is good enough for seventh.

Both marks trail Marvin Harrison and both players have only ever played for one team.

On Sunday, Wayne will have played in more games than anyone else in a Colts uniform. He’ll eclipse Peyton Manning‘s mark with his 209th game.

For a 61-year old franchise that has featured some of the greatest players in the history of the league (Johnny Unitas comes to mind), it is an impressive feat. Especially at a position that isn’t forgiving to age.

Were starting to see the effects of 14 years in the NFL take its tole on Wayne at 36 years old. A torn ACL last season took away his quick first step and now a elbow and tricep injury is robbing him of his hands.

Last week, we saw what might have been the worst game of Wayne’s career. He was targeted eight times against the Browns and hauled in just one pass for five yards. He was credited with three drops but it felt like many more.

Rarely does a player get to retire from the NFL on their own terms. The average career is just 3.3 years long.

Harrison suffered a knee injury in 2007 that kept him out for most of the season. When he returned in 2008, it was clear that his career was at an end. He retired at 36.

Regardless of injury, Wayne should play on Sunday. It very well could be his last home game with the Colts and final chance to say goodbye to an extremely loyal fanbase. Even if he just takes the field once, he’s earned it.

Wayne could have moved on from the Colts in 2012. His contract was up and he could have commanded a solid salary on the free agent market. He instead decided to sign a three year deal and stick around to play with a talented young rookie and an old friend in his first year at head coach.

Andrew Luck said this week that he didn’t want to think about his rookie campaign without Wayne. It easy to see why as Wayne was targeted 194 times, by far the most in his career.

Chuck Pagano, who was a coach at Miami (Wayne’s alma mater), said that he wouldn’t be able to do it would him.

Longtime teammate Robert Mathis bullied him into staying with the Colts.

Wayne’s final ride with the Colts has helped develop the next great quarterback in the NFL and serve as Luck’s security blanket for the better part of the past three seasons.

Wayne has fielded questions all season about his future in the NFL and it sounds more and more like he’s leaning towards retirement. One thing is for certain, if this is his last season with the Colts it will also be his last in the NFL.

One final home game, one more record and Reggie Wayne doesn’t even need it to cement his legacy in Colts history.