Vontae Davis Deserves a Pro Bowl Bid, and More


With five weeks left in the season, some focus has started to fall on post season awards and who will make the Pro Bowl. The NFL has posted lists featuring the top vote getters by position.

Colts cornerback Vontae Davis should be a lock for the Pro Bowl this season, and that shouldn’t be the only accolade he receives. He should also find himself on the NFL’s All-Pro list at the end of the year. Davis has easily been the team’s best player on defense this season, and its hardly even close.

Somehow, the only Colts defender who is in the top ten in voting at his position is D’Qwell Jackson. It is quite easy to make the argument that Jackson has been the worst starter on the Colts defense and shouldn’t even be sniffing a Pro Bowl. Jackson isn’t even the best middle linebacker on the roster.

Other players on the roster are likely to make this year’s Pro Bowl. Andrew Luck is third in the overall voting (no surprise there). Also finding themselves in the top 10 at their position are T.Y. Hilton, Adam Vinatieri, and Pat McAfee.

Davis is easily in the top five amongst cornerbacks in the NFL this season. He has three interceptions so far this season and 16 passes defended, second in the league.

The folks at Pro Football Focus agree with our assessment of Davis (and Jackson). Davis is the highest rated defender on the team with a +15.4. Jackson, on the other hand, is the worst graded player on the ENTIRE TEAM with a -12.3.

Davis is also the second highest rated cornerback in the NFL. He’s just behind Denver’s Chris Harris, Jr. and is ahead of marquee names like Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman, and Patrick Peterson.

Davis is allow a catch rate of just 43.4-percent, the best rate among starting corners. Per Football Outsiders, the Colts rank sixth against opponents number one receivers.

He has given up just 23 receptions for 280 yards. More importantly, Davis has yet to surrender a passing touchdown this season. Quarterbacks have just a 36.7 passer rating when throwing towards Davis.

Davis might not be the best cornerback in the NFL, but he is certainly in the discussion. The Colts re-signed Davis this season to a four year deal worth $39 million with $20 guaranteed. Compared to some of the deals that other top tier corners have inked in the past few years, he’s been a steal.

So not only should Jackson not make the Pro Bowl, there are a lot players Davis’ position who shouldn’t make the cut either. Luckily, the All-Pro team is voted on by members of the media and not fans clicking ‘submit’ over and over again.

Make sure you head over the Pro Bowl ballot and vote for the Colts who deserve it.