Happy Veterans Day: Thank You Veterans


Naptown’s Finest would like to thank all of our veterans and military personnel for both your service and sacrifice. Because of your dedication, it enables us to live in freedom. Football is just a game at the end of the day, but you’re truly heroes!

ColtsNation is proud to call one of their own players a veteran in ILB Josh McNary, who had previously served with the U.S. Army:

"”It was near and dear to a lot of guys’ hearts because football is such a big deal to so many people in the military,” he said, referring to the initial reaction of his Army buddies after he applied for an early release from his service commitment in May 2013. ”I get a lot of text messages and Facebook messages from guys that say they saw me or whatever, and it’s really cool. It’s great.”McNary’s father spent 11 years as a Marine Corps officer. Both of his grandfathers served in combat, one in World War II, the other in Korea. An uncle, Ron McNary, won a bronze star while serving in Iraq, and war stories, sometimes graphic, became a part of growing up.”I can’t tell you what it (Veterans Day) means because it’s really a different perspective,” McNary said. ”The fact that they did serve gave me more appreciation for what they did and I learned some of the details, some of the gory details, about what they went through.”"

Other Colts’ players have also expressed their gratitude today for the service of our veterans:

Thank you again!

-The Naptown’s Finest Team