Ahmad Bradshaw must stay healthy for Colts to contend


If the Indianapolis Colts plan on making a run at the Super Bowl this season,  they’re going to need running back Ahmad Bradshaw to stay healthy during their final seven games of the regular season and into the playoffs.

You might think that won’t be difficult, but Bradshaw hasn’t played a full season since 2010, which happens to be the only time he’s never missed a game during is career.

What’s really alarming to me that Bradshaw’s feet have been held together with screws (which he’s broken multiple times) for most of his career and he suffered a neck injury just last year that almost ended his NFL career.

As explosive as the Colts’ passing attack has been this season, NFL teams don’t win playoff games without some sort of running game.  And we already know it’s not going to come from first round bust Trent Richardson, who can’t even eclipse at least four yards per carry.

The past three Super Bowl champions–Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants–all had strong rushing attacks before and during the playoffs.

Yes of course there was the Green Bay Packers who did it was an average running game back in 2010, but that was an exception to the norm.

The way I see things is that at the end of the day,  Bradshaw gives the Colts the best chance to get to the Super Bowl, not Andrew Luck.