Colts Turning to Gordy


With the Colts’ 3rd CB, Darius Butler, out with an ankle injury in tonight’s game against the Houston Texans, the team will likely turn to 4th-year veteran cornerback Josh Gordy.

Gordy, since being traded to the Colts from the St. Louis Rams in August of 2012, has played in 32 games (1 start) for the Colts in 3 seasons with the team.

While it’s not a starting role, it’s an incredibly important role he’ll be filling for the Colts’ secondary tonight. According to ProFootballFocus (subscription), Darius Butler had played in 62.5% of the Colts’ defensive snaps this season through 5 games, so expect to see Gordy both early and often.

He’ll be lined up against a talented Texans’ receiving corps that features the dangerous duo of veteran great Andre Johnson and star youngster DeAndre Hopkins. Both of the Texans’ talented wide receivers are projected to get 1,000+ receiving yards on the season at their current pace, as they have 320 and 354 receiving yards respectively already on the season.

Gordy has played well this season when called upon (and in preseason), so Colts’ fans shouldn’t be overly worried however.