Behind Enemy Lines: Tennessee Titans Q&A


The Indianapolis Colts host division rival the Tennessee Titans this Sunday. I spoke with Dave Bevan, editor of Titan Sized, to get some behind the scenes informations heading into the game.

1. What does the quarterbacking situation look like right now? Jake Locker appears to be hurt once again, but hasn’t played all that well either. The backup situation is fairly grim too. What can we expect at QB on Sunday?

Jake Locker injured his wrist in last weekend’s matchup with the Bengals. The results of his MRI this week showed no fracture. The wrist however, has been swollen and Locker has had trouble gripping the football all week. It is still questionable if Locker will start Sunday against the Colts. Many, including myself, do not feel confident that is going to happen. All eyes are on Charlie Whitehurst to take the starting role should Locker not start.

2. The Titans pass defense was pretty solid last season, and its even better this year (three passing TDs, four interceptions). Is this a product of outstanding coverage or opponents not passing very much?

The pass defense is the Titans’ best attribute and it should be one of the things the Colts watch for. Focus should be on cornerback Jason McCourty, who leads the team in interceptions, he will cause frustrations for any top receiver. Even though McCourty had troubles covering A.J. Green in last weekend’s loss.

3. What has been the issue for the Titans through three weeks? After a solid win against the Chiefs, the Titans haven’t been able to find the end zone versus the Cowboys or Bengals and gave up an awful lot of points. 

The offense has been the issue all around. The Titans need to execute better in the redzone. This was evident last Sunday, when two field goals where missed and an interception in the endzone on a touchdown pass added to the frustrations. The only time the Titans scored was a touchdown drive that was a result of two 15-yard defensive penalties by the Bengals. This happened late in the game and it was certain of a loss. If the Bengals defense had not given up on that drive it would have been a shutout.

4.Who needs to step up for the Titans on both sides of the ball in order to leave Indianapolis with a win?

It boils down to the quarterback situation for the Titans to be successful on offense. Locker has had his fair share of disappoints thus far this season. The four interceptions and 685 passing yards (compared to Luck’s 912) has not been impressive. If Locker starts, he will need to limit the interceptions and improve on getting the ball in the endzone it is that simple. Whitehurst on the other hand is a mystery. However, it is comforting to know that Whisenhunt feels like Whitehurst is ready to step in the role.

On defense, the Titans need to execute in stopping the run game. They should those struggles against Dallas and Cincinnati. The pass defense will have to improve from the Bengals’ game. I am concerned of the coverage on Reggie Wayne.

5. What is your prediction for Sunday’s game?

I think it will be a close matchup. Currently, the Titans are +7.5, and spread of 46 total point coverage for the game. I think the Titans will win, but not by that much, and I don’t think 46 points will be scored in the game. The Titans win, 17-13.