Colts at Jaguars: Team Grades


The Indianapolis Colts put in a complete game Sunday afternoon at the Jacksonville Jaguars. The through domination of this team means the Colts get an A+ overall.

Normally, we’d break down both sides of the ball for grades, but there is little to take away from a one-sided affair like this game. Everything we learned about the Colts from Sunday will be graded with a Jaguars curve.

We give a hat tip to Pro Football Focus who rate every player on a plus/minus system. For reference, a 0.0 game is average.

Offense: A-

The minus comes from Coby Fleener dropping a touchdown. Way to bring down the entire class, Fleener.

Andrew Luck obviously gets the game ball for shaking off his accuracy issues from the first two weeks. He found nine different receiver multiple times and generally carved apart a less than stellar Jaguars defense. PFF gave him a +5.0

The Colts still need to take some deep shots and stretch the field. T.Y. Hilton‘s ankle is likely fine, but team’s are rolling coverage over him so he can’t blow the top off the secondary. More Donte Moncrief would help, and so would a little Da’Rick Rogers.

Speaking of Moncrief, he had a +1.2 and was only on the field for 16 passing plays. Maybe he should see the field a bit more often?

Overall, the wide receiving corps has been a bit disappointing so far given all the talent at the position. Another AFC South opponent will fix that problem though.

The mix of play calling by Pep Hamilton was solid as well. The Colts went with a 2:1 ratio on pass to run, which is exactly what this team should be doing. Red and orange zone

The Colts currently have the best pass blocking offensive line in the NFL. They haven’t exactly played a ton of world beaters (although Denver has some really good pass rushers) but its already light years ahead of last season. Addition by subtraction apparently is a real deal and shedding Samson Satele and Mike McGlynn gives the Colts a real offensive line.

A.Q. Shipley should continue to start at center as well. He is the third rated center by PFF in the NFL and it makes you wonder why he was traded away a few seasons ago.

At running back, Ahmad Bradshaw continues his beastly ways with a +2.7. Trent Richardson, well he had a -0.9. Richardson is a short yardage back on a good day and the Colts, for all the improvements on the line, don’t have great run blocking.

Defense: B+

Always Be Closing. The big win is great, but they had a shot at a shutout and instead gave up 17 points in the second half. It ultimately doesn’t matter, but it kind of does. Only closers get A’s.

The first half was easily an A+. The Jags needed four drives to get a first down and never even saw the other half of the field. 55 total yards is pitiful.

Greg Toler led the defense with a +2.6 and really has been good this season. His talent has never been a question, the issue is always about health with him.

Vontae Davis was about average, but hit with two completely erroneous penalties. The first came on Bjoern Werner‘s sack/fumble in the end zone. On that play, Davis makes contact but the ball is already being kicked around the turf in the end zone. On the second, a few plays later, Davis hand fights with the receiver down field after the ball is in the air to a different receiver. Bad officiating on both accounts.

Somehow, PFF gave the safeties decent grades. LaRon Landry whiffed on a tackle that turned into a touchdown and Mike Adams seems to always be late to the play. Neither have played well and its something the team needs to address (Chris Clemons anyone? Hello?).

Jaguars: D-

The only reason the Jags don’t get an F is because they weren’t beaten as badly as the Buccaneers last Thursday in Atlanta. These two teams are a special kind of bad. We thought the Raiders would be in the same tier, but they were at least competitive and nearly won at New England.

It seems like every year we are saying this team is a year away from being dangerous. Not starting Blake Bortles in Week One was a huge mistake. He is head and shoulders above Chad Henne and this team desperately needs a leader.

The Jags continually appear to make a good pick, only to watch them shrivel up and wither away.