How Much Trouble are the Indianapolis Colts in?


The Indianapolis Colts aren’t pushing the panic button yet, but they might be soon.

The Colts are only a few self-imposed sloppy plays away from being 2-0, but are still find themselves winless after the start of the season. The Colts could be a lot better than they have been in their first two games, but they could have been a lot worse. Still losses are losses, and the Colts can’t afford another one on Sunday.

Last season, Indianapolis fell short early in the season at home against the Miami Dolphins. That loss made a huge difference in the long run, because their eventual regular season 11-5 record had big implications on who and where they played in last season’s NFL Playoffs. Had the Colts recorded one more regular season victory last year, then they would have hosted the New England Patriots in the postseason. Instead, Indianapolis had to travel to New England, and literally got ran all over.

This Sunday’s away game against the Jacksonville Jaguars is the perfect example of a trap game. After starting week one with a 17-0 lead against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Jaguars have pretty much fallen apart completely. The Colts are expected to rebound from a last-minute loss against the Eagles last week themselves, but the doesn’t mean that the Jaguars are going to roll over easily. If the Colts continue to shoot themselves in the foot, then things could end badly in Jacksonville.

A 0-3 start could be catastrophic for the Colts. Not only would fans and media totally sell off on the team, the would have already lost the first division game of this season. The Jaguars may not be a big contender to win the AFC South, but an 0-3 start for Indianapolis would put them way behind in the hunt to retain their division crown.