Reasons For Colts Fans Hate to the Jaguars


The Indianapolis Colts face a familiar foe this week: the Jacksonville Jaguars. With all the negativity surrounding the Colts, today we take time to remember why to hate the Jaguars.

You would think that after so many years with a top 10 draft pick this team would have made significant improvements by now. The 2012 Colts proved that a rebuild takes one season, not four. It doesn’t help when you hitch your franchise up to a quarterback like Blaine Gabbert (who was worse than Tim Tebow, but is somehow still in the NFL).

Now, the Jags have found a new way to shoot themselves in the foot (and it had nothing to do with Jack del Rio). They’ve kept Blake Bortles on the bench and let Chad Henne take 10 sacks last week. If that’s the protection, Bortles might have a mystery injury that he’s babying every week.

With all the hate fans usually have towards this team, they’re the perpetual clowns of the AFC South. While I think they are trending in the right direction, it looks like we’ll get another year of laughs from the Jags before they become competitive.


Think about what that number could mean in terms of football. On December 10, 2006, that is how many rushing yards the Jaguars had against the Colts. It was the second divisional loss in a row and about the time when every NFL analyst wrote off the Colts as a contender. Thankfully that Bob Sanders fellow returned in the playoffs, and well, rings happened.

Despite that, giving up 375 yards rushing is flat out embarrassing. MJD and Fred Taylor averaged over 11 yards per carry. It was the second most rushing yards given up in a game in NFL history. Horrible to witness, but ultimately didn’t matter considering how the season ended. What does matter is how Jags fans still parade that number around and treat it like a championship.

Maurice Jones-Drew 

There is a good chance MJD is the most hated Jaguar by Colts fans, and with good reason. In 16 games against the Colts, he has rushed for 1,451 yards at an average of 5.11 per carry and 10 touchdowns. That represents 18-percent of his career yardage.

Somehow, MJD always saved his best games for the Colts and the little bowling ball of a running back couldn’t be cut down. The Colts could have the best run defense in league history and MJD would still manage to get his yards. Thankfully he doesn’t play for Jacksonville anymore (banished to Oakland) and his farewell tour last season was the worst of his career.

Cecil Shorts

One play can turn a man into a villain. A one point lead with under a minute left and Blaine Gabbert at the helm, yeah, Colts have a win in the bag. Then Sergio Brown misplays the route and Shorts is walking in an 80-yard touchdown.

Maybe we should blame Brown, but he’s still on the roster. Shorts hasn’t been in the league long enough to really annoy Colts fans, but give him time and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of reasons to dislike him.

Josh Scobee

This man… Few Jaguars can raise the ire of Colts fans like Scobee. His arrogance makes him easy to hate, and that’s saying something for a kicker. I imagine its what AFC East team’s and Oakland feel for Adam Vinatieri.

I was actually surprised that he’s 33-of-43 on field goal attempts against the Colts since it feels like he never misses. He’s played the Colts 20 times and has a 7-13 record, but it feels like every since FG he kicks is a game winner.

His game winners vs the Colts? 53 yards in 2004. 51 yards in 2008. 59 yards in 2010. For all the bile he has produced, he’s really only done significant damage three times.