Initial Reaction: Colts Rally Falls Short at Broncos


The Indianapolis Colts may have opened up the season with a loss, but at least they went down swinging. This game always seemed like an L on the schedule, but it could have been much worse than it really was.

Unfortunately, after the game we heard that someone who can’t even play right now won’t be returning this season.

On Monday, news broke that Robert Mathis tore his Achilles and is done for the year. There is no bigger possible blow to the Colts defense than losing him. It was bad enough when it was just four games, but this is devastating.

No one player can even hope to replace him and not only will the defense have to get better, but so will the coaching. Chuck Pagano was brought in for his defensive acumen, and its past time he started living up to it.

The best course of action for GM Ryan Grigson is honestly to do nothing. There are no players who could help in free agency and trading another draft pick would be a huge overreaction.

It will be interesting to see how the team reacts this week with the team’s best (yes, best) player not returning.

Here are some quick thoughts from Sunday night’s loss to the Broncos:

  • Andrew Luck never lets his team check out of a game. As long as he is upright, this team has a chance. There is more pressure on Luck and the offense going forward after the loss of Mathis.
  • Speaking of Luck, he still has a tendency to sail his passes over the middle. While Coby Fleener should have caught that pass off his hands in the fourth, a better thrown ball hits him in the chest and is a big gain instead of an interception.
  • Fleener can catch every pass in practice, and drop everything in a game. He was so much better than this in college, and the Colts could really use him as a weapon.
  • Having Reggie Wayne back on the field is amazing. Not surprised he led the team in receiving as he’s always been Luck’s safety net. Held my breath everytime he went down though.
  • Dwayne Allen could have a monster year, once he and Luck get on the same page.
  • Speaking of tight ends, that three TE formation? Yeah, take that out of the play book. No reason to ever take Wayne off the field and that wasn’t the time to start experimenting.
  • You have to go for it on fourth-and-one from the Denver 36. It shouldn’t even be a question. Against Peyton Manning, you must have points. You can’t bring in a power back like Trent Richardson and then not use him in an ideal situation.
  • The no-huddle is the Colts best way to score and move the ball. You can still run clock from that style as well, it doesn’t have to be a hurry up offense. With the defense being mediocre, the Colts have to find a way to score consistently and avoid slow starts.
  • No, the defense didn’t play better in the second half last night. Denver took its foot off the pedal and made too many mental mistakes that let the Colts back into the game.
  • The Colts simply missed too many opportunities to win last night. Two failed goal-to-go situations, a couple unlucky interceptions, and bad management on the previously mentioned fourth-and-one. (Although Luck admitted the sneak on fourth-and-goal at the one was a bad idea.)
  • Red zone execution has to get better and the Colts need better play calling near the goal line.
  • The Colts have to figure out what kind of team they want to be on offense. There is a clear philosophical disagreement in the coaching staff. What they want to do, run the ball (maybe), and what they can do, pass, don’t show up on the field.
  • Don’t want to complain about penalties, the Colts beat themselves with too many missed chances, but Wayne was absolutely interfered with on that last play. A defender cannot go through the receiver to make a play, and especially not the receiver head.