Predicting 2014 NFL Schedule for Indianapolis Colts


Opening week of the 2014 NFL schedule is the only time where every team in the league if officially on an even playing field. There are high expectations for the Indianapolis Colts this season. Listed below is a breakdown of how the 2014 regular season might go for Indianapolis.

Week 1 – @ Denver Broncos – Loss – The Colts start their season by walking in a buzzsaw. The Broncos are rebuilt, and angry. Denver is also 24-6 in their last 30 home openers. Peyton Manning will be ready for revenge.

Week 2 – vs Philadelphia Eagles – Win – The Eagles could easily run away with their division, but Indianapolis will be ready to rebound from a week one loss. Could be a high-scoring game, with another fourth quarter comeback victory from Andrew Luck. Indianapolis wins their home opener on Monday night.

Week 3 – @ Jacksonville Jaguars – Win – The Jaguars always play the Colts tough, and the weather in Florida may still be sweltering. Still, the Jaguars will take some time to get accustomed to their new regime.

Week 4 – vs Tennessee Titans – Win – Indianapolis returns home to continue their AFC South sweeping. If the Titans stay healthy, then they will be good soon. The Titans won’t be good by week four.

Week 5 – vs Baltimore Ravens – Win –  The rivalry between the old Colts and the new Colts continues in week five. The Ravens will be in a tight fight for their division, but the Colts win at home, in a shootout.

Week 6 – @ Houston Texans – Loss – The Colts stumble sometimes in the Lone Star State, and they will meet a very tough defense in Houston. The Texans may not be ready to take the AFC South crown away from the Colts, but their defense wins on this day.

Week 7 – vs Cincinnati Bengals – Win – Expect a lot of passing. These two teams could meet in the Playoffs, and will air it out all game long. Luck pulls another win out late.

Week 8 – @ Pittsburgh Steelers – Win – These aren’t your father’s Steelers. Pittsburgh is a team in transition, and they aren’t quite ready for the Indianapolis offense attack.

Week 9 – @ New York Giants – Win – The Colts travel to face the Giants on Monday night, and might just blow them out. Indianapolis will be rolling into mid-season form, and the Giants could be starting to slide. Colts win big in primetime.

Week 10 – Bye

Week 11 – vs New England Patriots – Loss – The Colts will benefit from having a bye, before hosting New England. Indianapolis will be steaming for revenge from a postseason loss to the Patriots last January. The emotion may get the best of the Colts, and they could drop this primetime home game against their longtime rivals. Indianapolis may be ready for New England next January, but the bright lights in November may be too much too early for this young team.

Week 12 – vs Jacksonville Jaguars – Win – This could be a very close game on a short week for the Colts, but they won’t go down twice in a row at home. Indianapolis has not lost back-to-back games during the Chuck Pagano/Andrew Luck era, and that trend will continue.

Week 13 – vs Washington Redskins – Win – This match will be touted as the first big game between Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, but there’s a good chance that Griffin won’t be healthy at this point of the season. Expect the possibility of seeing the Colts blow out a beleaguered Washington team.

Week 14 – @ Cleveland Browns – Loss – This game, however, could indeed have a battle between two young star quarterbacks. Expect to see Luck up against “Johnny Football” in the Ohio snow. A wacky quarterback, a frenzied crowd, and a solid defense could spell surprising demise for Luck and the Colts.

Week 15 – vs Houston Texans – Win – The Texans may be on their third quarterback at this point, and looking towards the 2015 NFL Draft. Indianapolis returns home, and continues to roll over their division.

Week 16 – @ Dallas Cowboys – Loss – The Colts make their second road trip in three weeks, and fall short in Dallas. Indianapolis may have their division locked up, and the Cowboys could be fighting for their lives. Dallas pulls out a close win.

Week 17 – @Tennessee Titans – Win – Indianapolis may be resting their starters, but it won’t matter. Reserve quarterback Matt Hasselbeck returns to Nashville, and lights up his former team.

Regular Season Record: 11-5 –  AFC South Champions