Indianapolis Colts Finish NFL Preseason Winless


Wins and losses in the NFL Preseason really don’t matter in the long run, but effort and execution does. Over the course of the 2014 NFL Preseason, the Indianapolis Colts racked up exactly zero wins, and often showed very little effort and execution. If the Colts players and coaching staff doesn’t get their rears in gear, then it could very well become a very long regular season.

From scheme, to production, to injuries, Indianapolis often looked fairly lackluster (and even unprepared) at times. Losing in the preseason isn’t the worst thing in the world, but looking like your team isn’t ready to play matters a lot. Considering the fact that some of their top starters are either facing time off the field early or just coming back from injury, Indianapolis may be facing an uphill climb this season.

The Colts started the preseason off well defensively, allowing only 13 points in the first seven quarters, to the New York Jets and New York Giants. In the final quarter against the Giants, the Colts third-string defense allowed a whopping 27 points, in less than 15 minutes. That defensive breakdown began a landslide of ugly play.

During the third preseason game, the Colts faced the New Orleans Saints. Both starting lineups played the majority of the game, and the Saints looked far more impressive. The Colts lost the game 23-17, but the score did not define the stomping the New Orleans starters put on Indianapolis.

Most of the starters did not play in the final preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals, but the result was not much different. In a game where many backup players should be fighting for their lives, the Colts looked bored and almost confused. The Bengals literally ran all over the Colts, leaving Indianapolis winless in the preseason.

The Colts open their regular season against the Denver Broncos. If they don’t get things in order, it could get ugly early.