Should Ahmad Bradshaw Risk Injury Against New York Giants?


The New York Giants drafted RB – Ahmad Bradshaw in 2007, and got six fairly productive seasons out of him. After some injury issues (and two Super Bowl titles), Bradshaw was released from New York. The Indianapolis Colts picked up Bradshaw last season, but lost him after only three games.

Bradshaw went down for the season with a neck injury, in the midst of a stellar game against the San Fransisco 49ers. Before the injury, Bradshaw carried the ball 19 times. The running back totaled 95 yards on the ground, and scored a touchdown.

Ahmad Bradshaw has not seen the field since last year’s injury. Even during this year’s training camp, the veteran running back wore a red jersey, and took no hits. The Colts are handling Bradshaw with delicate gloves, but will that end up hurting them in the long run?

This Saturday, the Colts will have their NFL Preseason home opener against the New York Giants. Bradshaw has the opportunity to take the field against his former team, in the same stadium where he won his second Super Bowl title. The question is, should Bradshaw take his time, or try to play against his former franchise?

A neck injury is a serious issue. All accounts show that Bradshaw should be good to go for the 2014 season. Still, there’s no way to tell how his body will react, until he takes a few first hits. Bradshaw could be back stronger than ever. The running back could also be one hit away from ending another season, if not his career. The Colts will be relying heavily on Bradshaw this season, especially after losing RB – Vick Ballard for a second-consecutive season.

Both Bradshaw and former New York teammate WR – Hakeem Nicks are basically 50/50 on whether they will see the field against the Giants on Saturday. The Colts will be looking for production from both players, but cannot afford to risk their injury in the preseason.