Indianapolis Colts Finish 2014 Training Camp With Concerns


The Indianapolis Colts wrapped up 2014 training camp on Wednesday, but still continue preparations for their second NFL Preseason game. The Colts will return home, and get ready to host the New York Giants. Although the Colts had a pretty light training camp, they did not come away from Anderson University unscathed.

Indianapolis has a lot of questions to face, and injuries to deal with. The Colts have lost several players on the offensive line, for various times. the offensive line lost G – Donald Thomas for the year, and has also taken injuries to other important pieces, such as C – Khaled Holmes and rookie OL – Jack Mewhort.

Holmes has played less-than 20 total snaps in two career years, and Mewhort is facing a knee issue that he dealt with in college. The offensive line has been a mess for years, and could possibly cost the Colts a lot this season. Holmes went down in the first preseason game, and Mewhort missed the past three practices.

Several other important players are yet to see much practice time or playing time. It seems that CB – Vontae Davis and S – LaRon Landry will see the field against the Giants, although neither player has done much during training camp.

It’s up in the air, as to whether WR – Reggie Wayne will play against New York, although he did play a bit during camp. RB – Ahmad Bradshaw surely would like to play against his former team, but he has also barely been on the field, following a season-ending injury.

Training camp aint what it used to be. Players barely play in pads, and when they do, it’s hardly in a contract drill. The Indianapolis Colts are already one of the most injured teams in the league, so they have to be even more careful. Injuries will occur, but there’s only so many pieces that a team can afford to lose.