Should Indianapolis Colts Fans be Let Down by LaRon Landry?


The fans of the Indianapolis Colts will be giving a very close look to S – LaRon Landry.

Landry was brought to Indianapolis prior to last season, and has not shown off much more than his muscles. The Colts are notorious for not bringing in high-profile free agents, so the addition of Landry was a big splash. This young team was trying to reload for the future, but that big splash did not end up making many waves.

Landry had double-digit tackles in the first two games of last season, but never returned to that form. Landry missed four of the following five games, and had no more than nine total tackles for the rest of the season. Landry also was totally blown away several times, during the Colts’ embarrassing postseason loss to the New England Patriots.

Landry just recently returned to the practice field, after sitting on the sideline with soft tissue damage. This week, Landry will return to face the team that let him go, as the Colts travel to the New York Jets. Landry should be excited to face his former team in his former home field, but there’s little doubt that he will see very little game time. Perhaps there was a distinct reason why the Jets didn’t mind losing Landry. Regardless, fans of the Colts will be very interested to see how their top-tier safety will perform this season.