Will Andrew Luck Break the Bank of the Indianapolis Colts?


The Indianapolis Colts might have to break the bank next season.

The 2012 draft class for the Colts was a winner, in a lot of ways. As the franchise reloaded, the Colts drafted players like WR – T.Y. Hilton, RB – Vick Ballard, and talented tight ends Coby Fleener and Dwyane Allen. All of these offensive weapons were capped off with the first overall pick in that draft, QB – Andrew Luck. As we approach the 2014 season, all of these players are playing for a new contract, which could cost the Colts a pretty penny.

The stage for Luck’s upcoming new contract has already kind of been set. The Cincinnati Bengals recently signed QB – Andy Dalton to a new contract, which could reach $115 million. Dalton has been successful, but is rarely placed in the talent pool of players like Luck. Dalton is winless in three playoff appearances, but also plays in a tougher division.

If Dalton is bringing in those kind of big bucks, then we can only imagine what Luck’s new contract might be. Although Andrew Luck does not seem to be the type of player who is out for a big money garb, the NFL is a business. Also, owner Jim Irsay is notoriously not afraid to throw big contracts at players who he believes in and respects. Irsay paid former quarterback Peyton Manning a huge contact, just before Manning lost a season due to injury.

Luck will make his money, but there’s also a good possibility that he would be willing to structure his new contract in a way that helps the team bring back some of his weapons. Indianapolis has almost all of their top offensive weapons who will be looking for new contracts next season. The Colts will have some tough choices to make.