Should Marvin Harrison Have Been Inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?


Every year around this time, the Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony weekend opens the NFL season. The Hall of Fame inductions officially lead to the first official game of the new season. Every year, the fraternity grows larger, and a new class of possible future inductees take the field.

One player who had his first shot at the Hall of Fame fraternity in 2014, was former wide receiver of the Indianapolis Colts, Marvin Harrison. Harrison retired after the 2008 season, as one of the most productive receivers in pro football history. Harrison’s numbers rival (or overcome) numerous members of the Hall.

The wide receiver position is possibly the most competitive spot, when it comes to Hall of Fame inductions. Legendary receivers such as Art Monk and Chris Carter waited a long time to be enshrined. Monk waited seven years, before he was inducted in 2008. Carter sat for five eligible years, prior to his 2013 induction.

Harrison’s stats may not hold him back from the Hall of Fame, but may be the fact that others at his same position have waited so long to become decorated. Andre Reed, former wide receiver of the Buffalo Bills,  becomes a member of the Hall this year. Reed has not played since the 2000 season, and has been eligible for nearly a decade. Other receivers, such as Tim Brown and Sterling Sharpe, have also been looked over for a long time. Receivers such as Terrell Owens and Randy Moss will also be eligible soon, and all could compete neck-and-neck with Harrison for induction.

Marvin Harrison deserves to be a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Harrison happens to be a shining star, amongst a galaxy of other talent. Only time will tell when Harrison may put on that coveted yellow jacket, but it could be very soon.