Should Jim Irsay Slow Down?


Is Jim Irsay the new Ted DiBiase?

Irsay may be the owner of a billion-dollar franchise, but he doesn’t necessarily need to act like the “Million Dollar Man”. DiBiase was a historic villan in sports entertainment, who was a main nemesis in the 80’s, for the likes of Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Although Irsay isn’t nearly as villanous as DiBiase’s character, there are confounding similarities to both.

Recently, Irsay was chastised for tossing out money to fans at Colts training camp. This incident wasn’t the first time Irsay has been known to do such, but looks kind of odd, considering the court case Irsay is facing. During his run in the WWE, Dibiase was notorious for dropping cash on fans, and seeming to act impervious to anything else but money.

The idea of a rich man making it rain on regular folks has been done over and over again. There’s nothing to say that Irsay giving money to fans is wrong, but it may be time to calm those decisions down. Irsay is still facing legal issues, and it might be time to step away from the spotlight.

It’s not that Irsay giving money to fans is wrong, but considering recent issues, it might not look right.