Are the Indianapolis Colts Risking Injury in 2014 Training Camp?


NFL training camp aint what it used to be.

As the Indianapolis Colts approach the second week of 2014 training camp, it seems that the team may have more questions than answers. Indianapolis has already lost players to injury, and signed new ones. The team has barely scratched the surface of the 2014 season, and there are already issues abound.

The Colts have already had one day off, and only one day of practice in full pads. The loss of RB – Vick Ballard (to a non-contact injury) was one of the earliest and most devastating losses in the NFL camps so far. Things such as these are red flags, which will be popping up throughout the preseason.

Is the NFL taking things too lightly? Training camp practice has become a shell of what it once was, due to injury and over-exertion. Still, if a team isn’t taking impact during practice, then how can players expect to be ready for the start of the season? A body may be ready physically, but not ready to be hit in the mouth constantly.

The Ballard injury is sadly something that comes with the territory of training camp. The Can try to take things easy in practice, but injuries will occur. If players are handled with kid gloves, then they might eventually break even easier.