Why Aren’t Some Indianapolis Colts Playing in 2014 Training Camp?


Are the Indianapolis Colts taking it too easy on certain players?

The first week of 2014 training camp for the Colts has been surprisingly lackluster. Some of the top highlights from camp have been injuries, scuffles, and P – Pat McAfee booting 60-yard field goals. Certain players who will be in the spotlight this season, however, have been far away from the field.

Certain veterans were granted time off early in practice last week. Some players are coming back from injury, and are being handled gingerly. Some other players are making more news from not being on the field.

The Indianapolis Colts built a legacy over the last decade, from having certain players who consistently represented what “The Horseshoe” brand meant in the NFL. After the mass exodus that came prior to the Chuck Pagano/Andrew Luck/Ryan Grigson era, the Colts had to revamp and reload their roster. Indianapolis has since brought in solid draft selections, but has also made some questionable choices, when it comes to adding high-priced journeymen.

Some recent spotlighted additions have been suspiciously absent from much of the first week of camp. Players such as S – LaRon Landry, RB – Trent Richardson, and DB – Vontae Davis have done little more than signing autographs. Players like RB – Ahmad Bradshaw and WR – Reggie Wayne have both returned from injury, and impressed already.

Not to discount the possibility of being safe in practice, but whispers become louder, as certain players don’t play. The Indianapolis defense, especially, needs to gel as a unit. The Colts may be letting certain players take things lightly, and it might come back to bite them.