Andrew Luck Ranks 30th on NFL Top 100 Players


The NFL network recently released a series of episodes, showing who the players in the league believed to be the NFL top 100 players. Andrew Luck, quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, was listed at number 30, after being listed 23rd last season. Should Luck have been posted higher or lower on the list?

In his two-year career, Luck has taken a former  2-14 team to two consecutive 11-5 seasons. In just 35 career games, Luck has had 11 game-winning drives, and eight 4th quarter comebacks. Last season, Luck lost his top receiver, top tight end, and his top two running backs. Luck still finished with nearly 3,900 passing yards, 377 rushing yards, and 29 total touchdowns.

All of these lists are relative, even when they are done by the NFL players themselves. Luck advanced his team for the second straight season, by helping the Colts to regaining the AFC South. Luck also led the Colts to a home win against the Kansas City Chiefs, in the AFC Playoffs. Luck may very well be more motivated than magical, but this season will see how high he rises in these rankings.