Should the Indianapolis Colts Release WR – LaVon Brazill?


The NFL career of WR – LaVon Brazill may be up in smoke.

At the very least, Brazill will be suspended from performing for the Indianapolis Colts this season. At the most, Brazill may be released from the team entirely, and might not ever see NFL on-field action again. The career of this talented receiver is completely compromised.

Brazill is now facing an indefinite suspension from the NFL, for a third failed drug test. The third-year wideout already served a four-game suspension in 2013, for a failed drug test. Although smoking grass may now be legal in several states of the union, it is still not technically allowed in the NFL.

Brazill was already a part of a very loaded receiver roster for the Colts. The former 6th round selection only has 23 receptions in his career, and would have had to fight for his right to participate in 2014 for the Colts. His recent actions, in accordance with his recent history, may have just cashed out his pro career.