Is Marvin Harrison a Hero?


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The uneven story of former Indianapolis Colts’ wide receiver Marvin Harrsion continues to unfurl.

In the early morning hours of last Saturday, Harrison was reportedly involved in helping a Philadelphia man, whose apartment was being robbed. Police reports say that the 38-year-old man ran towards Harrison’s Ford 350 pickup truck, as Harrison was driving through Philadelphia’s Wynnefield Heights residential housing complex.

Harrsion allowed the man, wearing boxer shorts, to jump into the truck bed. Two burglars followed the man outside, one of which fired two shots at Harrison’s truck as they sped away. Harrison has offered to give police one the truck tires, which was hit by one of the bullets.

This is not the first gun-related issue to hamper Harrison, since his retirement in 2009. Harrison was also investigated for a shooting in Philadelphia from 2008, but was never charged. In 2010, police confiscated a handgun from Harrison, after he was stopped for driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street.

Marvin Harrison is one of the most beloved and productive Indianapolis Colts in franchise history. Still, his unceremonious retirement from the NFL, followed by these odd occurences, seem to put a question mark around who the quiet receiver really was. Sometimes crazy situations come your way regardless of your personal involvement. Still, as the old saying goes, nothing good happens after 3:00am.