Should the Indianapolis Colts Have Been on ‘Hard Knocks’ 2014?


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Will we ever see the Indianapolis Colts featured on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” television show?

The 2014 version of the training camp television program will feature the yawn-inducing Atlanta Falcons. Although the show usually has its interesting storylines regardless of the team featured, the Falcons may just be looking for boost. Following a dismal 2013 season, the Falcons are definitely a team in flux.

The Colts, on the other hand, are full of interesting aspects on and off the field. Aside from having one of the most intriguing young leaders in QB – Andrew Luck, this team is already getting attention from all over the NFL. The eyes of the league are already on Indianapolis, and some news venues have already predicted the Colts to make a serious run to next year’s Super Bowl.

There would be no small shares of inner drama on this team either, which may be one reason why Indianapolis is not featured on the show this season. HBO could make a whole series based solely from the issues surround owner Jim Irsay and suspended OLB – Robert Mathis. Toss in the huge expectations for RB – Trent Richardson and S – LaRon Landry, and HBO would have a must-see show.

Although this organization isn’t nearly as guarded as they were in the past, 2014 may still not be the season to bring the cameras into training camp. The Colts will have more opportunities to be featured on the show, even though the drama is very high for them right now. It would be interesting to see Indianapolis from the inside, but the Colts will be just fine letting their play on the field do the talking.