Is Owner Jim Irsay Overshadowing the Indianapolis Colts?


The Indianapolis Colts shouldn’t have to take scrutiny for the issues of their owner.

When stories come out about arrests and drugs and legal issues in the NFL, rarely is it all connected to the owner of a franchise. It would seem more natural to hear about the wrong choices made by a young athlete, rather than a full-grown owner of a franchise. Not saying that owners don’t have their own skeletons in the closet and indiscretions, but rarely to those issues come to light in the public. Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has been in the public eye far too often, and sometimes for the wrong reasons. As Irsay continues to deal with his personal problems and legal issues, the spotlight has moved to himself, rather than being focused on his franchise.

Irsay’s team is one of the hottest young franchises in the league. This season could be a big step towards the Colts returning as one the NFL’s top teams. Instead of the national focus being on the team, the most noise has been made by and about the owner.

The league has yet to bring the hammer down on Irsay’s OWI arrest, which has ruffles the feathers of more than a few people around the NFL. Many players have been punished by the league, even though they were not yet convicted of any crimes off the field. Is it the fact that Irsay is an owner, or does the NFL just not know what to do with such a different type of situation?

Last week, the Hamilton County courts suspended Irsay’s driver’s licence for one year. Later this month, Irsay will be in court to face two charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated on March 16th.