How Much Trouble Are the Indianapolis Colts In?


Things are already getting shaky for the Indianapolis Colts this offseason. Between the drug issues and arrest of owner Jim Irsay, to the banned substance suspension from star OLB – Robert Mathis, this team’s 2014 has been marred by mistakes and personal missteps. For the franchise to get back on track, they will need to focus up on business, and do their best to fly right.

Although the Colts had several criminal and legal problems during the 2013 offseason, even a few small issues scattered among second-string players does not amount to the high-profile problems that deal with some of the team’s biggest names. On top of that, even the 2014 NFL Draft was less-than spectacular for Indianapolis. The Colts filled several holes on their roster through the draft and free agency, but didn’t have the chance to make the big splash that other teams tried to do. Indianapolis is also connected to the performance of RB – Trent Richardson this season, whose acquisition was the reason why the Colts were without a round one selection in the draft this year.

The focus of a franchise this time of year should be solely on preparation for the upcoming future. They should be working on improving, rather than damage control. If the franchise can find that focus, then the future will be bright.