How Will Indianapolis Colts Be Affected by Suspension of OLB – Robert Mathis?


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The toughest issues to deal with sometimes pop up before the season even starts.

As the Indianapolis Colts began rookie mini-camp, the news began to spread, concerning a possible four-game suspension for star linebacker, Robert Mathis. Mathis tested positive for the banned substance, Clomid, which has been known to be used as a masking agent for other banned substances.

Mathis and his camp are working to appeal the suspension, stating that the current AFC Defensive Player of the Year only used the substance for fertility purposes with his wife. Regardless, Mathis did not notify the NFL that he was planning to use Clomid, which may have pressed the issue of suspension. Had Mathis simply made the league aware of his intentions, the penalty may have been lessened or eliminated.

Last season, Mathis had the best year of his career. Mathis led the league, with 19.5 sacks. Aside from what results in this situation, the whole mess has already put a question mark behind those statistics.