What is the Mindset of the Indianapolis Colts?


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This is an important time for the Indianapolis Colts.

The season is still months away, but the decisions that this franchise makes right now will set the building blocks for the near future. This time in April may be the most mellow in the NFL calendar year, but this is also the time to prepare for what’s coming next. The heat isn’t on yet, but the heat is coming.

The Indianapolis Colts, in particular, find themselves in a different situation than other teams in the NFL. Indianapolis has issues at the top. The owner of the team has raised many eyebrows and ruffled many feathers with his recent actions. As the story unfolds, more questions are raised. Concerns are mounting, as to the stability of the man in charge. There is no doubt that issues at the top will trickle down to the bottom. If allowed, the negative energy could make its way through the entire organization.

Indianapolis is even more polarizing, because they also have to be extra patient through round one of next month’s NFL Draft. The Colts must dig deeper for their future, due to the fact that they have no round one pick. The Colts won’t be making a flashy splash in the draft, but should still do some hard work, to make sure they do the best with what is available.

The future is not far away. Even though this time of year may seem like a drop-off for the Indianapolis Colts, there is always work to be done. This team must not be nervous, but rather make solid and confident decisions. If the Colts stay focused and diligent, then their future will be bright.