Lucas Oil Stadium is Number One


Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a fan of the Indianapolis Colts, and I’m betting that you are or you wouldn’t be reading this, then you know about Lucas Oil Stadium. Even if you’ve never been inside the building, you’ve seen it on TV or you’ve driven past it. If you’ve ever watched a game in Lucas Oil Stadium then you know it on a slightly more intimate level.

I personally have seen games at the stadium from different vantage points. I’ve been in the lower sections, close to the field and I’ve been way up high in what you might call the nose bleeds. I honestly don’t think that there’s a bad place to watch the game. Plus you get a great view of the city if you sit opposite the big window.

The Fans

The view of the game isn’t the only good thing about Lucas Oil Stadium. The fans are amazing. There’s something special about the fans of the Indianapolis Colts. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re from the Midwest. Who really knows why? Colts fans are fun. Sure, we can talk trash to the other team and to other fans, but it’s all for the sake of entertainment. I’ve rarely seen a Colts fan be a jerk to a fan of another team. Sometimes it happens when there’s too much alcohol involved.

On the other hand, I’ve been the victim of some vulgar trash talk coming from other fans. I’ve had fans of other teams scream and say crazy things to me completely unprovoked. I was waiting in line for the bathroom one time at the old RCA Dome (Hoosier Dome) and a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals started yelling and cussing at me about how poor the stadium was. As if I had anything to do with it, and as if that had something to do with why his team was losing.

I’m not saying those things don’t happen from Colts fans, but I haven’t seen it nearly as often. A good fan base builds a great atmosphere and makes the game more enjoyable. That’s another reason why Lucas Oil Stadium seems so nice.

From a design stance, the building is perfect. The building fits the downtown Indy look. It’s industrial and yet classic in its style. The sliding roof is a great design. It’s a nice feature since retractable roofs are rare in the NFL. Plus the big window also opens to give more of an outdoors feel.

Ranked the Best

If you ever thought that Lucas Oil Stadium was the best stadium in the NFL, you’re right. Now there’s proof to back it up. Stadium Journey put out their list of the best NFL stadiums. Guess which one made the top of the list? That’s right, Lucas Oil Stadium.

Stadium Journey ranked the stadiums based on Food & Beverage, Atmosphere, Neighborhood, Fans, Access, Return of Investment and Extras. Each category was ranked on a 5 star rating system. When all the scores were tallied, Lucas Oil Stadium received a combined 4.9 out of 5 stars.

I encourage you to use this for the purpose of bragging. Make sure you go to all your friends and family members who aren’t Colts fans and share this information. Don’t be a jerk about it. Be a good Colts fan, but definitely have fun with it.