Indianapolis Colts Preseason


Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has officially released the Preseason schedule for the Indianapolis Colts. This is another step closer to the beginning of the season. A season which Colts fans wait for with great anticipation. This should be a great season. All things considered it should be the best season of the Andrew Luck era.

You can expect to see some of Luck and the other starters in the preseason, but not most of the time. Like all of the preseason games before, these games don’t mean anything. The reason teams focus on preseason is to evaluate players in real game-time situations. It allows coaches to see players before they make their final cuts.

This preseason will not be like any other that Colts fans have ever seen. The NFL entertained several rule changes this year. One of the proposed changes was to back up the point after attempt to the 20 yard line. That would make the point after attempt a 38 yard attempt. 18 yards further than the current rule which makes it a 20 yard attempt. As you can imagine, there was a lot of debate over this rule.

The NFL agreed to try the rule out during the first two games of the preseason this year. That will allow them to see how the rule would actually play out in a game. They may decide to implement the rule in future seasons based on what they see during these two games. However the rule will not be changed for any regular season games.

Apart from that change, expect the same type of game play and excitement as every year before.

Here is the schedule for the four Preseason games for the Indianapolis Colts.

Week 1 – Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets

Week 2 – New Your Giants at Indianapolis Colts

Week 3 – New Orleans Saints at Indianapolis Colts

Week 4 – Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals