Should the Indianapolis Colts Move Up in the NFL Draft?


Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts are in a tough position, when it comes to the 2014 NFL Draft. Considering the Colts currently have no selection in round one of next month’s draft, they have a long time to wait and watch, while other teams collect top players for their future. The Colts still have to do their homework, but it will be tough to watch over 50 players get swept up before they have the chance to choose.

The Colts traded what eventually became the 26th overall pick to the Cleveland Browns, for the rights to RB – Trent Richardson. Several mock drafts have the Browns selecting a wide receiver, or an offensive lineman with the Colts’ pick, which would both be beneficial for the boys in blue. Luckily, this draft seems heavy with both of those positions, so Indianapolis may have chances at finding a diamond or two in the later rounds.

The Colts really don’t have much more to trade. Indianapolis can give up more future draft picks, in order to move up into round one, but that’s not really a risk worth taking right now. Most of their top tradeable players are either young athletes who Indianapolis wants to build around, or aging athletes who won’t offer up much trade value anyway. The best thing that Indianapolis can do, is hold their horses, wait for their time to shine, and make the most of the picks they do have.