Indianapolis Colts Face More Bad News


Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have to bear more bad news. When Jim Irsay was initially arrested on March 16, most thought it was a simple DUI. Not that a DUI is not a big deal, but it is a pretty cut and dry problem.

Shortly after his arrest news started coming out about multiple prescription drugs in his car. The situation began to look a little worse. It started bringing up questions about his addictions, his recent divorce and how long this had been going on.

If that wasn’t enough bad news more came out. It was then reported that Jim Irsay had almost $30K cash on his person. That raised even more suspicions. Why does he have cash in hand at all? Why does he have that much cash? Is there any legal reason he would need that much cash? What illegal reasons could he have?

Jim went into a treatment facility to work on his addictions. His daughter Carlie took over the Colts organization in his absence. The Colts moved forward. It seemed like everything was dying down and maybe we had heard the last bad news about Jim Irsay.

Blue Trust

Now there’s more bad news. It now appears that Jim Irsay was in some way involved with some shady real estate investments. Jim Irsay had bought and sold multiple properties under the private entity “2009 Blue Trust.” This entity was operated by the Indianapolis Colts for Jim Irsays personal life.

The fact that a billionaire owns multiple properties is not suspicious. The fact that he sets up a legal entity to manage them is not unusual or suspicious either. The fact that he has these set up through the Colts organization begins to look a little suspicious.

Kimberly Wundrum

Recent events are making the situation even more suspicious. On March 2, a few weeks before Irsay was arrested, Kimberly Wundrum was found dead in one of the townhouses owned by 2009 Blue Trust.  Wundrum had died of a possible drug overdose. She had been living in that residence since last August. She had lived in two other residences owned by the 2009 Blue Trust since 2007.

Who was Kimberly Wundrum? She was a friend of Irsay. What was the nature of their friendship? We’re not sure about that yet. We do know that her sister was Jim’s personal masseuse. The authorities will be trying to get answers to these questions and more.

No matter what the answers are, it doesn’t look good for Irsay. There aren’t a lot of legitimate and reasonable answers to these questions. It may or may not end up in more legal problems for the Colts owner, but it’s not going to make his defense and easier and it won’t make Roger Goodell any easier on him either.