Indianapolis Colts Celebrate 30 Years as a Franchise


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It was 1984 when the Indianapolis Colts came to town. Ronald Reagan was in the White House. The original Nintendo Entertainment System was dominating the world of video games. The Los Angeles Raiders were the defending Super Bowl Champions, and the Irsay family was on the move.

Due to disputes over issues including the building of a new stadium in Baltimore, owner Robert Irsay decided it was time for a change. The city of Indianapolis had already built a stadium, in hopes of acquiring an NFL franchise, and the rest became history.

It was a big gamble to build a stadium without a team to fill it, but the gamble paid off. In a move that shocked the world of sports, the Colts basically moved from Indianapolis to Baltimore overnight. Baltimore later basically stole the Cleveland Browns, became the Baltimore Ravens, and have since won two Super Bowl titles.

In the 30 years since they have been the Indianapolis Colts, the franchise has made two Super Bowl appearances of their own, winning one title. After a shaky start in town, the Colts have contended in the NFL Playoffs 14 times. The franchise has become a staple of success in the league, and the future continues to look bright.

As the Indianapolis Colts enter their fourth decade as a franchise, they continue to contend for another NFL title, and bring another Super Bowl back to the Circle City.