Indianapolis Colts Have to Avoid Being April Fools


Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts had a tough enough month of March, so they should do their best to avoid becoming April fools.

Whether it was the Jim Irsay arrest or questionable decisions in NFL free agency, the Colts had a lot of questions rise up in March. Free agency will continue, but April may very well be the quietest month of the year for the NFL. The NFL Draft has been moved to May. Indianapolis may just need to use the month of April for damage control, and too really peek deeply into the holes they need to fill.

Indianapolis is already a step behind for the draft next month, due to the fact that they traded away their first round pick to the Cleveland Browns, for the rights to RB – Trent Richardson. Indianapolis has also already made several moves in free agency, which may keep them from doing much more, before the draft. Still, as the dust settles in the offseason, Indianapolis needs to take a hard look at where they stand, as they enter their fourth decade as a franchise.