Indianapolis Colts Should Avoid Off-The-Field Drama


Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL simply waits for stories in the offseason.

Pro football has done its best to make sure that there is very little down time, in between the Super Bowl and the kickoff of the season. In the midst of those months, the media latches on to any and every off-the-field story that comes across the radar. One of the most polarizing stories so far this offseason, has been the arrest of Indianapolis Colts’ owner, Jim Irsay. Irsay and the Colts are now in the nationwide news. Blood is in the water, and the sharks will come.

The Colts dealt with a myriad of off-the-field issues last offseason, several of which were somewhat similar to Irsay’s situation. Whether it was a drug arrest, or a DUI, or a drunken debacle at a local nightclub, the Colts had to deal with player conduct. When it comes to a second-string player, the team can fairly easily nip the issue in the bud. When the issue involves your owner, it becomes national news.

The Colts must tread lightly, in the shadow of Irsay’s issues. Indianapolis is now in the spotlight, and every wrong turn will be exposed. For the faults of their owner, the Colts must now do their best to be on their best behavior.