Are the Indianapolis Colts Finished in NFL Free Agency?


Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

NFL free agency might be winding down a bit, but there are still numerous opportunities available on the market.

For the most part, the Indianapolis Colts have decided to keep their money focused on holding close to the players that they already had in camp. Since 2014 started, the Colts have signed new players on the defensive line, a new linebacker, a new center, and a new wide receiver, among others. Have the Colts filled the spots that they need? Where should Indianapolis look for extra support?

Listed below, are several recent additions made by the Indianapolis Colts.

C – Phil Costa (Two-year, $2.7M)

WR – Hakeem Nicks (One-year, $3.975M)

DE –  Arthur Jones (Five-year, $33M)

The Colts also brought in LB – D’Qwell Jackson, prior to the free agent deadline. Indianapolis may have not made as much noise in the 2014 free agency as the did in 2013, but there are still moves to be made. There are still holes to fill, and there is still time to fill them.

The Colts are shaky on the offensive line, and the defensive secondary has always been an issue for this team. Hopefully the defensive line can finally get solidified, and the numerous starters from last season can come back in good health.

The Colts are still trying to build a monster, but that monster needs strong pieces.