Jim Irsay Goes To Rehab Clinic


Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay, has checked himself into a rehab clinic. The Indianapolis Colts organization released an official statement at 3:46PM ET today that he “took the first step toward regaining good health.” They did not release the name of the facility where he will be receiving treatment. Is this a sincere effort at getting better or just an effort at getting leniency from the court and the NFL? Only time will tell.

There’s no guarantee that this will help him legally or with the NFL. There is hope that no matter what his motivation is, he may receive help while he is there. Regardless of your views or what punishment you believe he deserves, everyone should be hoping that he gets the help that he obviously needs.

This is not the end of this story. More will be told in the coming weeks. Irsay’s court date is scheduled for March 26th. The legal consequences will follow. It is very likely that the NFL will wait until the legal proceedings are over to make their final decisions regarding the future and the disciplinary actions of Jim Irsay.

Until then, we will all have to wait. Continue to check back here for more updates as this story unfolds.