Adam Vinatieri Signs With Indianapolis Colts


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have officially solidified their kicking game.

After signing P- Pat McAfee to a new contract last week, there were concerns that the Colts may have to cut ties with veteran kicker, Adam Vinatieri. On Tuesday, the Colts closed any concerns over their kicker, by signing him to a two-year contract. As the opening of NFL free agency looms, the Colts bit the bullet, and decided to sign their Hall of Fame kicker, rather than let him get swept up by other offers from another team.

The move to sign both McAfee and Vinatieri still raises questions, concerning what the Colts will be able to do in free agency. Indianapolis did not make many moves prior to the NFL franchise tag deadline, but have decided to sign several players since. So, once free agency officially kicks off on Tuesday afternoon, the Colts may have backed themselves into a bit of a corner, with little wiggle room to make moves.