What Should the Indianapolis Colts Do About Their Kicking Game?


Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have agreed to terms with P – Pat McAfee. This move sures up a bit of the curiosity concerning the kicking game for the Colts, but also leaves the future of K – Adam Vinatieri still up in the air. If anything, it’s a bit of a surprise that the Colts made a move with McAfee first, prior to making a decision on the future hall of fame kicker.

The six-year veteran punter was initially a 7th-round selection by the Colts, in the 2009 NFL Draft. McAfee is a fan favorite, who face is very familiar around Indianapolis. McAfee is possibly the most polarizing punter in the NFL, and even has his own weekly radio show.

It’s tough to say what this means for Vinatieri. The kicker’s contract is up, which means that wherever he signs, could very well be the last place he plays as a pro. McAfee has been seen booting long field goals in practice, and there’s a long shot that the Colts may try to have the punter pull double-duty. There is also a chance that the Colts will search for a replacement kicker in the draft. Still, the door is open for the Colts to keep their current kicker, rather than let him test the waters of NFL free agency.