Indianapolis Colts Choose Not to Use NFL Franchise Tag


Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The deadline for teams to place the NFL franchise tag on players came and went earlier this week. In an interesting lack of movement, the Indianapolis Colts decided not to franchise any of their players, prior to monday’s deadline. This decision could mean several things, considering the fact that the Colts have nearly 20 players whose contracts are up.

The fact that the Colts did not choose to franchise tag a player might be an indication that there could be a mass exodus from this team during the upcoming NFL free agency period. It may also mean that maybe the Colts are looking to re-sign or restructure most of these expired contacts, in one way or another. There may also be some need for money to come off of the books, in order for the team to try and sign some other free agents away from other teams.

The Colts were by far not the only team to not franchise any of their players. Still, it seems a bit odd (even if not that surprising) that Indianapolis chose not to make any moves, with so many pieces of their still up in the air. With NFL free agency looming on the horizon, the Colts will still have to figure out what they plan on doing with all of the contracts for these players. Even by not using their franchise tag, this team has already chosen to give up their chance to keep hold of at least one of these pieces for the future.