Indianapolis Colts Approach the NFL Franchise Tag Deadline


Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL franchise tag deadline approaching on Monday, March 3rd, the Indianapolis Colts may have some tough choices to make.

Several teams in the NFL have already tagged their franchise players, but the Colts have been fairly tight lipped concerning their decisions. With so many players who have expired contracts, the Colts have to be confident about whom the chose to hitch their wagon to. The options are abundant, ehich makes the decision even more difficult.

One of the main candidates for the Colts’ franchise tag is CB – Vontae Davis. Davis had an up-and-down second season with the Colts in 2013. Still, it seems like the cornerback is one of the more viable options for this team to hold on to. Indianapolis has had issues with production and stability in their secondary for quite some time. If they let Davis go, then they would most likely have to try and overpay another free agent, or rebuild that spot through the draft.

The Indianapolis kicking game is also up in the air right now. Both K – Adam Vinatieri and P – Pat McAfee have expired contracts, and the Colts may have to make a tough choice between the two. McAfee was the team’s franchise player last season, so it’s cut time or contract time for a man who is well liked by the franchise and fans. Due to the structure of Vinatieri’s contract, he will be owed nearly $15 million, if Indianapolis decides to franchise tag him.

Regardless of where the Colts choose to place their franchise tag, they are running out of time to do so.