What Would Expansion of the NFL Playoffs Mean for the Indianapolis Colts?


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A hot topic around the world of pro football is the expansion of the NFL Playoffs. What started as a simple idea has seemed to gain steam quickly around the league. The question is, is expansion of the postseason a good thing?

The NFL is considering adding two teams to the current playoff format, one from each conference. To adjust to that change, the league will also eliminate two bye week teams, which means that only the top seed in each conference will get a bye in the playoffs. If that format had happened this past season, then the Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8) and Arizona Cardinals (10-6) would have been added into the mix. The Cardinals had a very good season in a tough division, even becoming the only team to defeat the Seattle Seahawks at home. The Steelers, however, started the season 0-4, and were fairly mediocre.

Any team in the league could benefit from this expansion eventually. Franchises reach peaks and valleys on a yearly basis, so expansion would be good for revenue, as well as giving sub-standard teams a better chance at the big dance. The Indianapolis Colts should be in contention for a division title for several seasons to come, but could also find themselves taking advantage of sneaking into an expanded postseason roster. Still, if it aint broke, maybe there’s no need to fix it.