What are the Indianapolis Colts Waiting For?


Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts seem to be taking their time, when it comes to making decisions concerning the free agents on their team. The Colts currently have nearly 20 players on their roster, whose contracts are coming to a close. There’s no real rush for the team to figure out what to do with these players, but NFL Free Agency is looming on the horizon.

While teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns have already started to re-sign and release players, little noise has come out the Colts complex concerning the subject. Indianapolis is yet to sign, release, or franchise any of their free agent players. With the free agent market opening up wide in March, the Colts may have to step up the pace on their decisions, before other teams come calling.

Although the Colts haven’t really showed their hand when it comes to their free agents and franchise players, there is no doubt that the discussion is hot and heavy  around the team’s front office. Still, Indianapolis will have many decisions to make starting in March, so these dominos could begin falling early and often.