Andrew Luck Endorses Indianapolis Colts Acquiring OT – Jonathan Martin


Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts might continue to stack up players from Stanford University.

In a recent report from, QB – Andrew Luck expressed possible interest in acquiring beleaguered former Miami Dolphins offensive tackle, Jonathan Martin. Martin and Luck played together in college, and the addition of Martin would bring yet another Stanford alum into the fold for the Colts. Offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton coached both Martin and Luck at Stanford, as well as WR – Griff Whalen and TE – Coby Fleener.

The addition of Martin could be a coin flip. The Indianapolis offensive line could use some stability, but stability does not seem to be Martin’s strong point. The former Dolphin has been in a firestorm of controversy, following a rash of hazing, during his time in Miami. Last season, Martin literally walked out on his team, and that would obviously be a concern for the Colts.

At the end of the day, what Andrew Luck says he wants, he will most likely get. Although he admitted to endorsing the idea of adding Martin to the team, that doesn’t necessarily mean that those wheels will be put into motion. As good as it may sound to have a familiar offensive tackle blocking for Luck, is the risk worth the possible reward?