Indianapolis Colts May Have Interest in WR – Eric Decker


Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts may have interest in one of Peyton Manning’s top targets.

Once the NFL season ends, names begin to pop up around the league, concerning who might be taking part in NFL free agency, and where they might fit. One of the top wide receiver prospects is the Denver Broncos’ Eric Decker. Being part of the most productive regular season offense in NFL history could help Decker grab a top-notch contract with another team.

Decker’s name was one of the first to be discussed, as a possible addition alongside receivers Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton. Recently, those whispers seemed to grow, as reports have been coming out of Denver that the Colts may indeed have interest in the unrestricted free agent. Decker would no doubt be a good fit for the Colts, and could possibly step into the number one receiver spot eventually.

Decker (6’3”, 214lbs) is a big young target that could fit in properly between Wayne and Hilton. Although Decker only had one catch in Super Bowl XLVIII, he was far from the reason why the Broncos got shut down against the Seattle Seahawks. Decker had over 1,000 receiving yards in the past two seasons, but the question is raised as to whether those numbers are a product of Peyton Manning. Still, there is little doubt that Decker’s career id currently trending upward, and some team is going to give him a big pay-day.

The Colts would have to offer a pretty sweet deal to sway Eric Decker their way, and it could cost them a pretty penny. It would be nice to sure up that extra wide receiver spot, but would it be worth the price?