Should the Indianapolis Colts Sign WR – Terrell Owens in NFL Free Agency?


Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts will most likely not be nearly as active in NFL free agency in 2014 as they were last season, but they might be able to make more production out of less money.

One of the veteran prospects still in the realm of possibility is WR – Terrell Owens. Although the 40 year-old former All-Star has been out of the NFL for four years, he has recently commented that he still believes he can compete at a pro level. Owens has a history of controversy, but is also one of the most productive wideouts in NFL history.

For all the drama that Owens brought to his former teams (all five of them), he is also still in imposing physical shape, and could provide a reliable target for any young quarterback in need of an extra pair of hands. In his final full season as a pro, Owens tallied 72 catches, for 983 yards and nine touchdowns, for the Cincinnati Bengals.

After so much time off, and so many slices of humble pie, Owens would most likely not be the locker room issue that he was notorious for being in the past. Although the receiver has not officially retired, he has been away from the game since 2010. Owens would come at a cheap price, and may be able to give the Colts that big target that they have been looking for. Crazier things have happened.